The Apartments

There are 6 light and spacious apartment from 50sqm to 78sqm.

The larger four (Apt.1-4), situated at the ground floor, have to their own terrace and direct access to the park. The two smaller ones (Apt. 5 and 6) are in the 1st floor.

All apartments are equiped with modern, high-quality furniture as well as full-blown kitchenettes incl. dishwasher.

Premium box spring beds will provide recreative sleep. Each bath has floor heating and a hair dryer. Apartments 1 - 4 also have a fireplace in the living room.

Please click on the headings above the floorplans or at the left hand side of this page to get a better picture of the apartments.

Ground floor:

Four spacious apartment with their own terrace (2-6 people)

1st Floor

Two well cut apartments (2-4 people)