Laschendorf & its surroundings

The tiny village Laschendorf, a district of the island city Malchow, lies within the lake district of Mecklenburg directly at the bike path between the climatic spa Malchow and the resort Untergöhren. At the district Laschendorf you will find the castle mound "Laschendorf", remains of a slavic castle from the 10th/11th century.


The beautiful countryside, the proximity to the widespread watersides of the Fleesensee and Lake of Malchow, the outstanding cycling ways, numerous lakes, the nature reserve 'Blücherscher Bruch und

Mittelplan' offer many diversions for your vacations.


Various mansions, castles and sight attractions close by, as well as the perfect touristic infrastructure of 'Land Fleesensee' make for relaxing as well as active holidays in all weather 

Beach: 2,3 km

Riding stable: 3,2 km

Spa: 4,5 km

Golf: 4 km

Tennis: 4 km

Museum "Müritzeum": 23,4 km

Malchow: 4,2 km

Waren (Station): 24,1 km

Rostock: 86 km

Berlin (Airport Tegel): 143 km

Hamburg (Airport): 226 km



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